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Floatation Tank

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Floatation Tank Therapy

Alaya Escape has invested in building an external floatation tank room to provide another option for weary travelers to consider when on the Sunshine Coast and heading to the mountain to get away. Known as Sensory Deprivation Tanks or by a more appealing acronym of R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Tank), these tanks are an absolutely amazing way to expand your consciousness, assist in managing severe stress, heal from sporting injuries and develop improved mental clarity, creativity and peace of mind to name a few benefits. As owners of Alaya Escape and regular ‘floaters’, we have chosen to invest significantly in bringing this technology in to our retreat because we know how positive an impact they can have. With approximately 40 centimetres of water (height from the bottom of the tank) and over 400 kilograms of the finest grade magnesium salts, the water is heated to skin temperature of 34.5 degrees celsius and is completely dark inside (or you can leave the light on). Soothing music or binaural beats can be played through the under water stereo speakers to enhance the experience or the floats can be done in complete…. blissful….. silence! No phones, no multi-tasking, no TO DO lists and nobody demanding your attention or trying to influence you to consume, think a certain way or to activate fear centres inside your mind. Float today, float regularly and float for life we say!

Floatation Tank sessions

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