Our ‘hot rocks’ Finnish-style sauna is made from imported Canadian red cedar and seats up to 5 people.  The sauna used in our retreat has been manufactured by the incredible local Sunshine Coast team at Mountain Craft Designs using imported highest-quality red cedar and a massive 6 kilowatt internal electric heater. Comfortably gets uncomfortable up to 110 degrees Celsius.  

our sauna experience

We purchased our sauna without having a lot of experience with saunas in general and have quickly found it to be one pf the most enjoyable RELAXATION  experiences we have had. 

Throw in the cold water immersion experience of our oasis pool directly after stepping out of the sauna (our pool drops to around 5 degrees Celsius in winter months) and you truly have an experience that is out of the box. We have been careful to not push this too far, as there is some research around warning of the potential risks to those with heart problems.

Swapping between the sauna and our oasis pool, has been a revelation and by far and away the greatest benefit is that of a deep de-stress and improved sleep.

BENEFITS from sauna use

Research is all over Sauna use at the moment and the benefits are so numerous that you would be mad not to make sauna part of your health routine. 

The benefits that we personally have encountered include extreme euphoria, gratitude and inspiration (as weird as that sounds), incredible lasting calm post-sauna and a very re-freshed and revitalised feeling.

It also is one method of improving fitness and recovery. Sauna will raise your heart rate to around 110 beats per minute  which can extend a workout.  It also has been found to increase muscle growth, cardiovascular health, skin health and mood to list a few benefits.