To make things easier for prospective and current guests, we direct people to this page who are looking for the detailed information that we send out with all booking confirmations, as well as VOUCHERS that can be purchased via following the instructions at the bottom of this page.  


As you scroll down the page you will find downloadable documents (in order as follows) for: 

  1. Downloadable pdf for FACILITIES USE (conditions and charges apply) and RESTAURANTS

  2. Downloadable pdf for STAY INFORMATION for arriving guests.

  3. Downloadable VOUCHERS as significant gifts for special people. Please follow the STEPS below for Voucher purchases.

Thank you for supporting your people via our family-owned ‘peace’ of paradise here on the Sunshine Coast!

add on options & LOCAL RESTAURANTS

For people who are wanting to completely decompress and peel back the layers via our amazing addition services: massages, floats, saunas and cold plunges for example. Local restaurant favourites are also provided.


To assist in understanding the on-site processes and expectations towards supporting guests’ having a magic stay.


A little dry and ‘black and white’ in nature, but important in providing the detail that we invariably miss when meeting people upon arrival. Note: we are far more flexible than this document. 


Please follow the below steps for purchasing a voucher for yourself or significant other

STEPS for Voucher purchase:

  1. Find the Voucher amount or option that you want to purchase.
  2. Downloadable pdf for that Voucher to give to the intended recipient.
  3. Transfer the amount for the voucher to: Alaya Escape / BSB: 63300 ACC: 159298421
  4. Include in reference on transfer “Voucher: Last name of recipient” 
  5. Get excited for some good times!
Thank you! The Alaya Team.

Decompression Package

An additional option for guests that is by far our most popular. Treat yourself or purchase for a significant other who is destined for our ‘Peace of Paradise’.  Preparation is required as there is little chance of recipients doing anything afterwards – so organise dinner prior ;-).

2-night mini retreat

A quick and affordable option that is the perfect gift or choice for those wanting something a bit different and a way of restoring balance and breaking the fight or flight cycle. Emphasises the importance of taking time out regularly for health and wellbeing.

decompression package

Take some time out or buy a meaningful gift that will assist in restoring peace and balance to the lucky recipients. Multiple options that will help stop the fight and flight stress cycle and remind all of the importance of taking time out regularly for health and wellbeing.

$1000 gift voucher

A very generous present for anybody wanting to give some special people a very memorable getaway here on the mountain. Can provide multiple nights plus other options for the lucky recipient.

$500 gift voucher

Almost covers the cost of a stay here, this is a perfect present to put towards a stay here at Alaya Escape or to provide some ‘deep-dive’ options for those already booked to come.


A perfect present to put towards a stay here at Alaya Escape or to provide options for those already booked to come.