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Stress management

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Relax and Release Package (Sauna and Floatation Special)

Total price- $200 (**Most popular!**)

Complete Deescalation Package

Total price- $360 

Individual Coaching Retreats / Coaching sessions please enquire.

Professional Development, Team Building and Leadership Training please enquire.

Further Information:

As a self-proclaimed Stoic and a devotee of Cold Water and Heat immersion, one of the greatest processes that I have access to involves the interplay between exercise, sauna, cold water immersion and our floatation tank. Seek discomfort (initially) and by doing so, gain access to parts of your brain that aren’t stimulated often anymore and allow your brain to reset and recharge naturally. The afterglow and deep inner peace experienced after these routines is quite simply astounding.

Typically, I will go for a moderate jog (old man level) down the mountain and, upon my return, enter the sauna for approximately 15 to 20 minutes at around 80 to 90 degrees Celsius. Without being rigid with time, I will get out when I feel ready to and immediately immerse myself in the deep end of our pool and remain there submerged to my chin for a similar amount of time to the sauna. I will repeat the process 2 to 3 times.

It is a difficult experience to explain as it is so such a subjective experiential thing and unlike almost anything else I have tried. It is really difficult to explain the intense feelings of calm, gratitude and connection that you feel as your neurology is flooding you with so many neurochemicals. The intense immediate physical, emotional, ‘spiritual’ and psychological sensations are numerous and the flow on advantages can be seen also in the quality of sleep, mood, energy, fatigue reduction, pain and inflammation and levels of gratitude and joy and much more. This is not a sales pitch, just a reflection on my own experience without the science run down. On the science, there is so much existing literature to support the benefits of these methods and that is before you get to the float tank (think Dr Rhonda Patrick / John C Lilley).

Floating after the sauna and immersion (with or without exercise) is out of this world (literally!). The capacity for your mind and body to completely let go and check out for an hour is enhanced significantly by the previously mentioned process and the level of deep inner rest that you achieve can only be compared to the very deep afternoon naps we can have when feeling very drained… but DEEPER… MUCH DEEPER! Once again, a short essay is required to capture this experience even poorly.

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