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Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of all guests of Alaya Escape to understand and adhere to our reasonable expectations to help optimise your experience, avoid any miscommunications or additional charges and open up possible choices for your stay.


All of your specific questions will be answered upon arrival and the only thing to think about will be what you are going to CHOOSE to do with YOUR TIME!! 


Arrival and stay information: 


Ø  Arrival is after 2pm and departure before 10.00am. Whilst it is not always possible, we generally aim to meet guests upon arrival and farewel guests (after around 9am on the morning of departure).


 Ø  Morning of arrivalWe will text you to coordinate your arrival. Please let us know when are around 10 minutes from arriving and we will organise to meet you and/or direct you to your room. 


 Ø  Roads and Route – Please note that whilst we drive up and down the mountain to and from Mooloolah 2 or 3 times per day, the drive does have stretches of dirt that MAY concern some guests. Personally we have no problem with the drive up and along the mountain, but if you would like to avoid the dirt etc, then, when leaving Mooloolah township, begin driving up Neil Road, cross the small one lane bridge then drive UNDER the train bridge onto Eudlo Road and follow around until you get to Eudlo state school. Your GPS will be able to take you from there. It is an additional 3 or 4 klms, but completely sealed the entire way. Please drive safely and take your time.  


Ø  Guests’ Entrance – is on the left between the large coloured poles as you enter onto Upper Rambert Road (some guests were driving past this). Please take care in our entrance driveway, as it can be quite bumpy with some drainage trenches and dips due to recent flooding and repairs.


Ø  Your room / key:  If you are not sure which is your room, don’t stress, as we will sort things for you upon arrival. Please leave key in the door upon checkout.


Ø    A complimentary breakfast hamper of bacon, eggs, muffins, butter, jam etc is provide by us free of charge and will either be waiting for you in your fridge or will be delivered to your room by 6pm on the day of your arrival. We hope you enjoy it!


 Ø Onsite Relationships: In simple terms, we want all guests to feel really welcomed and at home here and for all to treat our retreat and others with consideration and respect. We warmly welcome all guests into our bubble here on the mountain and we see this as YOUR important time out. We do hope that you love the retreat as much as we (and so many others) do and have the experience you are looking for! 


Ø  Further Information – Please peruse the attachments on this email that discuss requirements around NOISE LEVELS; FACILITIES OPTIONS; CHECK OUT / LEAVING THE ROOM; FIREWOOD; OTHER.  


Ø  Facilities Addons – Our facilities (sauna, floatation, cold / hot tubs, massages) can be utilised as additions to your stay which you can hire. The decompression package, for example, is an easy way to completely let go of stressors and reach a relaxed state effortlessly. Conditions and additional charges apply and can be obtained from our download link above (to avoid wordiness here ;-)).


Ø  Water: although our environment is a lush tropical paradise, water is a precious commodity on the mountain and we kindly ask that guests be mindful of water use and moderate usage where possible. Please note that the water may have a slightly ‘tan’ appearance at times against the stark white of the spa and this is due to the tannin in the leaves of many surrounding trees, but is very safe to drink, is filtered and also makes your hair very soft and ‘fluffy’. Owners’ other part-time occupation is cleaning gutters it seems.


Ø  Towels and linen –  We provide industry grade commercially cleaned linen and one towel per person. Additional towels can be hired from Alaya Escape for $5 each. All of our linen and towels are hired from a professional local service. In the case of Nusa Dua 2bdrm, use of both rooms for 2 people (or 1 person in each room) will incur cleaning and linen charges of $50.


Ø    On-site contactsWe seek a balance between connecting with and being available for guests, providing space, as well as living our own lives. We structure our retreat in a way that guests are largely self-sufficient, although, you will often see us around the retreat and we don’t mind a chat or the occasional beer with guests. We are generally easily contactable via text for anything pressing.



Ø  Our Mission: We are a family-run small business and it is our strongly held mission that we live authentically with freedom and in service to others and Alaya Escape is our retreat that literally represents “who we are and what we do”. We are continually evolving our ‘peace’ of paradise towards providing a beautiful, unique and positive experience that assists others in having an experience involving one or all of our “4 R’s” and Rejuvenating, Reviving, Reconnecting and Relaxing 


Ø  Community announcement – Save yourself 15 to 20% off your stay by booking directly through our website (or any other destination you choose) and keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket rather than giving it to a multi-national online agent (OLA). Check it out by doing a comparison for yourself between our website and OLA’s. They literally cannot match us or they will lose money.      


ØPayment can be made by cash at arrival / departure (preferred method)money transfers (our bank details below) and credit card charging (+2% bank surcharge).  

    We are more concerned that your experience is amazing and an opportunity for you to spoil you and yours, than we are about collecting money.

    Therefore, don’t stress about payments, as you can pay when you arrive or when you depart. You will find that we are very casual and relaxed here and we want you to be the same – these things always look after themselves.